Happy New Year ! Wishing you all a wonderful new beginning! / by VFG

We started our New Year's Eve with this wonderful sparkling wine by Coppola Winery, "Sofia" Blanc de Blanc , it was effervescently divine. I am saving the bottle, even though, sadly it's now empty and we have started our new year detox, it's a beautiful thick glass bottle which I hope to find a good use for it. When I do, I'll post the photos here on our blog. Meanwhile learn more about the Coppola Wines on Twitter @Coppola_Wine .

2014 will have many new and exciting events for our gallery and we encourage all of you to follow us on Twitter @vfarrellart to get the latest beta updates . On our Twitter account we have posted photos of our new original oil painting gallery consignments . We have a rare Laguna Beach oil painting , created in 1975 entitled "Moss Point, Laguna" available for purchase.

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Wishing you all the blessings , health and happiness for 2014

Vanessa & Dion Forbes

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