We Miss You Daddy : Vincent Farrell (1928-2008) / by VFG

Six years ago today , against our will and his, our father Vincent Farrell, was taken from us. We can and will not ever forget nor will we understand why another person could have taken his life in such a cruel and in humane manor. Looking at his artwork I can not help but ask, "Why? Why would someone methodically plan, scheme and plot the death of my father? " . 

My own guilt of not protecting my father and doing a better job at seeing through those who claimed to have his best interest at heart, will be mine to bear, and it is a yoke I will wear until all those responsible in his death are brought to justice. 

Each year, Dion and I approach these days with the deepest sadness in our hearts and the wonderment of what actually could have been had circumstances unfolded differently, we ask ourselves the question "What if ...". It is impossible to remember only the good of a man's life when the end was so brutal. Does anyone truly care when a psychopath plots and schemes to take a person's life and then harnesses in a group of helpers? Does anyone care about Vincent Farrell at all? 

Trust me when I write this : There is no high road for a victim's family to take when a person takes the life of another in cold blood. People will tell you to move on, forget, forgive...we appreciate the advice but morally, as Vincent Farrell's daughters, we are obligated to seek the truth. 

Believe me, the truth will come out, it is only a matter of time.

In the memory of a talented and creative artist, loving father, with all our love, 

Vanessa and Dion



The first professional brochure of Vincent Farrell in 1964 in his studio in Laguna Beach, California.


The cover of the brochure, the first painting sold by Vincent Farrell (1928-2008) to a man from Dallas, Texas.