It's summer...We are still here! / by VFG

Perhaps you all are imagining what happened to our blog? Happy New Year 2014 and then what?

It's true, we sort of, kind of, just let it slide for a while...just about six months to be exact. All I can say is oops!

I want to begin this summer blog post party by encouraging you all to request our 2014 Vincent Farrell Gallery Catalogs . Fill out our contact form to receive your fine art Serigraph Print Catalog or our Vincent Farrell Original Artwork Catalog. Receive your PDF digital format catalog version by email and read all the details about these large scale, pure color , limited edition, serigraph prints.


Meanwhile, dive into this vibrant, fine art, limited edition serigraph print entitled "Laguna Summer" signed and numbered by the artist Vincent Farrell and available for purchase on our website.