Abstract Impressionism at Vincent Farrell Gallery / by VFG


From left to right :

1. "Wash Basin" 1990 oil on linen 30" x 48" 

2. "Study of Moon Over Chicago" 1986 oil on linen 16"x 24" 

3. "Elvira" 1990 Mixed media, gold and silver metal leaf overlay, oil on linen 36" x 40"

4.  "Harley Davidson" Grey scale 1990, oil on linen 36" x 36"

A suite of abstract impressionist paintings created by Vincent Farrell . It was a new painting style for the artist as he used impressionist size paint brushes to create these beautiful and thought provoking images with subjects from the world around him, in explosive, saturated color. These paintings are from a private collection and are available exclusively here at http://vincentfarrellgallery.com. Sign up for your catalog today!