A Floral and the Pacific Ocean Blue / by VFG

Flowers and the Pacific Ocean blue are the two elements which artist Vincent Farrell loved the most about Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach, nestled in the "California Flouristic Provence", where warm sunny days end ablaze in a passionate, phosphorescent sunsets, and nights begin with a gossamer, empyrean vapor blanket of ocean mist, putting to rest, all the flora and fauna for a good night's reguvenative sleep.

In these two original paintings, we have a rare, watercolor floral paired with another oil painting on linen canvas of the beach at Moss street in Laguna Beach. 


The floral watercolor displays the personal every day items of the artist; Sable paint brushes in a clay jar, colorful ink used for painting and sketching, a Tiffany portable clock, a newspaper and Farrel's favorite coffee cup , with two large vases abundant with flowers, mostly taken from his own garden. This watercolor is one in a series of four, the artist created in his private residence.

Moss Point was a favorite beach of the artist. During the 1960's Farrell lived across the street, in an artist studio, located on South Pacific Coast Hwy. In this painting scene, the homes located on the bluff are some of the first homes built in Laguna Beach and they are recorded on the Laguna Beach Historical register. Academy Award winning actress, Bette Davis, had a redwood beach cottage on this very bluff, as most of the original structures built in the early part of the 20th century were made of California redwood. This painting was created in 1975 and captures the coastline as it was during the 20th century. 

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