We Remember 911 / by VFG


On this day, 13 years ago, at 6:15 AM in California, I was asleep in my bed. Still dark outside , my day began with a phone call that left me with only two thoughts before I answered, either something terrible had happened to a family member or someone had died. Never could I have imagined the horror that had already unfolded on the east coast. 

"Turn on the tv" , I was told. "What? What time is it? I responded. "Just turn on the TV! You need to see this to believe it!" Still half asleep I grappled for the tv remote and did as I was told to do. When the screen flashed on I could see that one of the World Trade Center Towers was smoking with billowy plumes of toxic smoke and bright orange flames, then, finally, I had learned the news. As I flipped through the TV channels , it was the very same image on every station, black smoldering cauldron of smoke from the upper midsection of one of the Twin Towers. The attack began at 8:46AM and had been in progress for about 30 minutes. As I watched, with the millions of other Americans, the tv screen in total horror and disbelief , when we all as a country witnessed the second airplane crash into the North Tower, live on television. Then , the reports of two more jetliners had been hijacked and there destinations at that point were unknown.

On this day not so few years ago I heard what was to be the loudest silence I have ever known. No birds singing. No airplanes in the sky. No traffic on the road. No laughter. Everything stopped. Yet, as our country was forever changed that day on 9-11-2001 by the tragedy we were and still are resilient, united against a force of evil. We never give up, we get up , we rebuild and we carry on but, we never forget September 11, 2001 8:46AM. As we live in a world steeped with continued conflict, terrorist brutality, willful blood thirsty jihadists, our own men and women in our US military take up arms to defend us with our allies, to protect us, to deliver the crushing blow to the personification of all evil, the ISIL terrorists. Today, like so many people who are even more deeply affected and directly so by the loss of a loved one, I will take the time to reflect and remember how our country was forever changed but never defeated.

Today 9-11-2014, forever grateful for the sacrifice, courage and humility of all the first responders, military personnel  and defenders of the United States of America. A heart felt compassion for all the families left behind to deal with the loss of a loved one by the hand of cruelty of the 9-11 attacks. God Bless America, God Bless our troops. Victory is ours under God's righteous command as our troops protect the persecuted, weak and innocents. We live free, always have, always will.