A Tuba And A Shoe Become A Still Life / by VFG


We have received a new consignment painting by Vincent Farrell from a private collector in California. Rich golden colors and superb draftsmanship visually describe the opposite spectrum from which these objects arrive in this 1970's still life.

The canvas is 40" x 50" in size with an original frame made by Farrell, himself. The luxury of purchasing flowers or expensive antique vases, as are seen in abundance in his still life paintings during the 1980's and 1990's, in the early 1970's those articles were not possible for him to obtain, it was a very impoverished time during the artist's career. Therefore, to overcome Farrell's financial obstacles he used objects either borrowed or readily available from around the house or purchased from garage sales. Exactly how the tuba came into his possession we can not recall however, we do remember his placement of the shoe in the foreground. Farrell's still life paintings were always a compositional test for him as he studied where and how he would train the eye of the viewer to follow the the scene in the painting, his compositions were never linear but, he chose to guide the viewer's eye in a circular movement, paying close attention to negative space and not allowing a viewer's glance to trail off to a dark corner of the canvas. Holding the gaze of the viewer was his main objective when creating a still life. In this instance, the placement of the brass, tuba musical instrument as the painting's focal point and a lady's high heel shoe in the foreground was Farrell's way to establish a perspective between the tuba and the shoe, giving the viewer a realistic perspective of the dimensions of the two objects and their relationship to each other in the painting.

A third point of interest is detailed in the background of the painting, which is a window view of Myrtle street beach in north Laguna Beach. At the time Farrell lived in a small beach cottage house located at, 556 North Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach, California and where he lived and had his studio gallery. Farrell painted this still life in the living room , the objects placed on a table near the window. The house has since been torn down and replaced with condominiums.

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