A Laguna Morning / by VFG

We have two new consignments at Vincent Farrell Gallery and they share the same title, "Laguna Morning" . 

"Laguna Morning" 1977

"Laguna Morning " 1993

Two different subject matters which were painted at the best time of the day in the magnificent early morning light.

"My love affair with a painting subject ends, when the painting is finished and then,  I am ready to move on to the next subject ..." Vincent Farrell

There were always many paintings in the works in his studio in Laguna and giving a painting its title was never a priority what was important was the work , committing the subject to canvas and then, moving on to the next. 

Click on the painting  image to enlarge it into a light box and get a better view of the textured details and command of pure, saturated colors . For more details or questions about these paintings, click  Here .