How can I purchase artwork from this website? To purchase our handmade serigraph silkscreen prints you may purchase them directly through our secure payment processor on our website. 

How can I find out a price for a painting? Use our Contact page located on this website and we will send you the details directly to your email inbox.

I purchased my painting but how will it be shipped? We use various delivery and shipping/freight methods depending upon your location. All purchases are shipped fully insured . Please use our contact page and we will get back to you with all of our delivery options and shipping/freight pricing for your painting or serigraph print.

How long does it take to receive my painting? Again, it depends on your location to determine the length of time to receive your painting. Shipping artwork is a detailed process which is why we are here to help you every step of the way. Preparing the packaging for your paintings will be done according to the shipping/freight company specifications. We like to give a 14 day time period to  allow the painting to be delivered to you, but, we can always make exceptions to get your artwork to you in the safest and fastest way possible. 

How does Vincent Farrell Gallery acquire the artwork exhibited on this gallery website? All the artwork exhibited on this website has been consigned to us exclusively by first generation owners who purchased their paintings from our brick and mortar gallery that was located in Laguna Beach, California from the time period of 1974-2000 , or the paintings have been consigned to us by the original owners' heirs and their estates. We consider any authentic Vincent Farrell artwork for consignment so please contact us if you are interested in consigning a drawing or painting .

I have a painting or drawing I want to consign, what is the process to submit my artwork for consignment? By using our contact page is the best place to start. We will need to see a few photos of your artwork. To consign a painting we need to see a photo of the painting, a photo of the back of the painting and a close up of the signature on the painting . If there has been any damage to the painting such as , rips, tears, punctures, water damage or conservation work ( repair work) please take photos of it and send them to us. If there is any writing or notations on the stretcher bars please photograph that as well. If you have copies of the original purchase receipts, insurance appraisals or documentation that came with your painting, please scan and include it with your photos.

Do you share your newsletter mailing list with any third parties? The answer to that question is NO! We respect the privacy of our patrons and friends.

I have a Vincent Farrell painting I would like appraised, does your gallery appraise paintings? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer those services for ethical reasons. However, we can refer you to a reputable, certified and independent art appraiser.

Need more help or have any further questions? Please contact us here.